REACH by The Visram Foundation has been providing food and education to underprivileged girls for decades. Throughout these years, many of our alumni have left our facilities to become successful in their own careers and lives. Here are some success stories and testimonials from our cherished alumni. This would not have been possible without the sponsorships and donations we have received to support these girls. 

Visram Foundation is an amazing place to study and grow up. All the facilities were provided to me with nutrient food, accommodation, books, education, traveling, entertainment, library, career counseling, etc. The staff members and administrator are very kind and helpful all the time.

The hostel gave me a positive environment to grow up in, learned many life skills like leadership, kindness, and helpfulness along with that I also learned yoga and Zumba dance. It is a place where I completed my schooling and made great friends. My twelve years in the hostel are memorable and trained me to deal with the real world. Thank you, Visram Foundation.

Habiba Vasaya
Habiba Vasaya
B.Comm Marketing Management, Centennial College, Canada

To reach at the right destination, the journey is very important , and that journey of my life started with 'REACH'.Before joining REACH, I felt like a small fish trying to swim in a vast ocean. My 9 years of experience at REACH was like a roller coaster ride- where I had tons of fun, got a perfect blend of academics and extracurricular with the whole and sole support of management and staff.

My ride included - top schools and colleges, Charismatic and supportive founders, management and staff, my cheerful friends for lifetime, charming junior girls, festive celebrations, learning different skills, timely career guidance, religious and secular activities, yoga and dance, medical check-ups, picnics, tuition classes, weekend enjoyments, sports, delicious and healthy food, library, computer lab, and the list is unending...

My proud moments include being the Head girl of the institute for 2 years which helped me to become a great leader for the rest of my life. Along with a good character, independent life and lots of confidence, REACH gave me a life time of memories to cherish and I am glad that REACH happened to me. Living a hostel life could be in anyone's destiny, but living a life at REACH is not in everyone's destiny! It's just heaven....

THANK YOU 'REACH' for the most splendid journey of my life!

Shivani Lalani
Shivani Lalani
Commerce lecturer/ teacher at AnnaSaheb Vartak (AV) College, Mumbai

I spent six years of my life at this hostel and looking back, I can tell that those were very important years of my life. I learned so much while I was there that I don't even know where to begin. I also have many fond memories from that time. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in psychology in Canada. I am responsible for all of my household duties on my own, and I believe that this institute had already prepared me for that. I would never forget my time there. This environment prepares you for the realities that everyone may encounter at some time in their lives. This institute taught me the value of being on time for everything, I really miss my time there and wish there was a way to go back in time and experience it all over again. This institute is equipped with everything, the food provided for the kids is nutritious, and I learned how to get along with new people there. The hostel feels to me like a second home. I had a dream of moving to Canada and attending a reputable university there. This dream actually originated from the institute itself when, in my eighth grade, an older ex-student came to meet Mrunal ma’am introduced herself and explained how she was studying there. From that point on, I had made up my mind to come here. The journey to here wasn't simple; I had to persuade my parents, among other things, but the dream of going to Canada to study came from this institute. I am incredibly appreciative of all the staff, especially Mrunal Ma'am, for putting up with me and my mischievous behaviour.

Ishika Popatiya
Ishika Popatiya
BSc Psychology at Cape Breton University, Canada

It gives me great pleasure to write about my experience of spending 13 years at Life/ Reach. Although a testimonial won't do justice in describing my 13 years at Reach, I would like to start by saying that wherever I am in my life today, the credit goes to Reach. It has played a crucial and an inseparable part in moulding my career and personality.

Reach provides a great platform for the holistic development of a child. Apart from my job at the National Institute of Virology, I work as an event emcee. The confidence and creativity to speak in front of hundreds of people is certainly imparted by my experiences of hosting our own events and thereby, gaining leadership skills (which are undeniably important in today's world).

Having said that, I would like to thank Reach for providing me the support to achieve my goals and for always pushing me to shoot for the moon, and not just stars.

Priya Wadhwania
Priya Wadhwania
Technical Officer, NMI Virology Institute, Pune

Moving from home to an entirely new city can be so intimidating especially when you’re young but Reach Institute has made me feel so easy and home-like. This Institute provides education to underprivileged girls. Its main motto is to empower girls through education. The girls are admitted to some of the best schools and colleges in Pune where the learning is outstanding. Reach Institute provides unlimited delicious and nutritious meals for the good health of the girls.

The staffs care a lot about the girls and are very dedicated. All the needs of girls are taken into consideration by the staff. They are always ready and happy to lend you an ear whenever you have any problems and it feels great to know that you always have someone to guide you in the right direction. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Computer labs, libraries, sports, indoor games, tuitions, career counselling, annual health checks, holiday clubs, festival celebrations, you name it and they have it.

I’m glad I was a part of Reach Institute for 9 years which taught me significant things and I take pride in it. This institution is a great choice for career advancement for girls. I thank Shaida ma’am, Annar ma’am and Mrunal ma’am for being with me throughout my journey in the hostel and guiding us even after moving out of the hostel. Your hard work and determination would shape the careers of hundreds of girls.

Suzan Solanki
Suzan Solanki
B.Comm (3rd Year) from St. Miras (working with Capita), Pune

Moving away from home to a city where I knew only a few people was an incredibly daunting feeling at first, but I can now say that moving to the Reach Hostel was the best decision my parents and I could have made. Our Reach Hostel is a bright, friendly, and comfortable place with a homely feel, making it the perfect place to live. After a long day of study it’s a nice feeling to know that a hot, delicious and nutritious meal and a warm room are there for you.

Living in the hostel I learnt to be independent and make my own decisions. When we our living in our home there are so many people to look after us and so many people ready to do our work but in a hostel you have to depend all on yourself and do all your work. You have to wash your clothes, utensils, give your clothes for ironing, keep your bed and almira clean. In this process you tend to become strong and learn to rely on yourself for your work which in turn develops confidence in your own self because you realize your worth and what you are capable of.

If I start to talk about the perks of staying in a hostel there will be a list which can go on forever but let's highlight some major advantages. The very first basic and primary aspect of everyone's life "shelter". Our Reach Hostel is a comforting place open for all the girl students ranging from the age of year 5 to 18. The next thing we can talk about is a proper balance diet offered to students consisting of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Reach also helps in providing sponsors for students who can help them in pursuing their education financially. As the tagline of our hostel itself says "Empowering girls through education", Reach provides best education to students by enrolling them in best schools and colleges along with the extended facilities like library, computer lab, sports room etc.

Hostel life is totally like entering in a new dimension, very different from staying at home, away from parents, out of comfort zone. It is a place where student develops oneself as an independent person, with a hand full of liberty and responsibilities. Our life in Reach is absolutely fun in its own way. Celebrating various festivals like Holi and Christmas, Picnic and Trips, and visiting cultural festivals were the best part. I would like to offer my special thanks to our trustees, administrators and other hostel staff who gave us all an opportunity to pursue our best education and gave us a home like hostel to live.

Lastly I would like to quote a few words for my hostel Life journey. Last day in the hostel, I packed my bags.
"Leaving for Home?", friends asked.
"Leaving from Home", I said.

Simran Khoja
Simran Khoja
BBA, Logistics Operations Executive in Capita, Pune

I am Alvida Panjwani. I am an alumna of reach hostel. I have been part of this foundation since my 2nd grade. The institution has given me ample facilities that I needed for my growth and development as a child. The students are sent to best schools and colleges. Institution has allotted private tutors for different subjects and grades. This institute not only encourage children to study but also encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities like yoga, sports, dancing, speech and drama and many more. Every occasion is celebrated here with great enthusiasm, where students get an opportunity to develop their talents and boost their self-confidence. This events are wholly held and performed by students themselves.

This institute provides students with a lot of amenities like computer lab with proper internet access, tuition room, sports room with variety of sports equipment in it, a spacious organized library for various age groups with different categories of books like comics, fictional and non- fictional, story books, travel books, adventurous, biographies and auto-biographies. It also has a separate prayer room, a wide ground where students spend most of their evenings playing sports, and a television room for entertainment purpose. The management is skilled and the staff is very friendly, full of local knowledge and go the extra mile to take good care of the young children. The rooms, restrooms, dining room, kitchen is kept clean and tidy by the housemaids. The food provided here is hygienic, healthy and delicious. The transportation system is amazing where students do not have to worry about traveling on their own to schools and colleges.

I have spent 11 years in this institution and I am very grateful for all the opportunities and facilities received and the guidance and discipline taught to us which helped me become who I am today.

Alvida Panjwani
Alvida Panjwani
Pre-Health Sciences, future in Dental Hygiene, Canada

As I sit down to pen down some parting thoughts about my institute, I feel plethora of emotions crossing my heart. I knew one day this journey will come to an end but the good moments I have spent wish I could relive them.

I remember I was here from grade 2 when I knew nothing but a kid crying to go home but today I am so happy to spend my childhood here as I have become more mature and a confident person. There is a lot of difference in children from hostel and the ones staying home. Hostel teaches us everything that one needs to learn for her adult life. It I a place where I have rejoiced in success and learnt from failures. It is a place that gave me an environment of opportunities. They always provided me with the assistance that i required for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life.

Deepest Gratitude to all the staff that has made me what I am today I am always thankful to my hostel and have a special place in my heart.

Denisha Hajiyani
Denisha Hajiyani
Nurse, Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune
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