A Legacy of Compassion and Service

Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal VisramFounded in 2000 as The Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation, REACH was born out of Mr. Visram’s foremost conviction, that compassion and service are the greatest of all human achievements.

Upon his sudden demise, his children learned that throughout his lifetime, he had been sending a small sum of money to a charitable organization in India to help provide food and education to those underprivileged. Notwithstanding the fact that the family came to Canada as refugees in 1972, he never waned from his obligations to help those less fortunate.

In 2003, when Mr. Visram’s wife, Malekkhanu passed away, the children decided to change the name of the organization to The Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation, in honor of both of their parents.

Now referred to as The Visram Foundation or REACH, the organization continues to further the legacy through a combination of fundraising efforts, donor support, and the help of skilled volunteers generous with their time and knowledge. The Visram children continue to oversee the major operations and day-to-day affairs of REACH, in the hopes that education and support can transform lives and communities.

The Foundation has been registered as a non-profit organization in the United States and in Canada. In 2003, it was registered as a public charitable trust under the Mumbai Public Trust Act (Reg. No. E-21443). All donors will be issued a charitable tax receipt when the donations are made in the United States, Canada, or India.

During the course of the last number of years, the family is also supporting other children’s causes within India and elsewhere. Such causes include cleft lip surgery for infants and early age children and providing other economically disadvantaged and marginalized children for their education, nutrition and healthcare.

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