The Visram Foundation runs a non-profit charity in Pune, India to empower girls to reach their highest potential. One hundred percent of donations go directly towards providing housing, education, food, health, and general welfare to economically disadvantaged girls.

    We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach her highest potential. Our mission is to provide underprivileged and economically disadvantaged young girls with the tools they need so they can feel motivated and inspired to impact change in their communities.


    Of Success


    Our girls (5-18 years old) gain their education from the finest schools in Pune and immerse themselves in the different cultures, traditions, faiths and ethnicities of our REACH community.

    Our Academics

    Through our REACH community, we immerse our girls in the finest educational resources available in Pune, India. Our academic excellence has led many of our girls to successful careers.
    Academic Programs


    Through our mentors' support and guidance in our REACH programs, our girls will learn to live, grow and blossom into confident and independent young individuals.

    Future Leaders

    The REACH Institute provides a supportive environment for our girls to live, grow, and gain experiences from various mentors and educators. They bring with them the ability to lead our future generation of girls.


    Our goal at REACH is to empower our girls through education to lead lives which will impact not only their families, but also the communities in which they will live.

    Our Impact

    Through REACH, our girls have had a solid foundation to grow into successful women. Their journey has influenced the lives of many and their careers have taken them to new heights of success.
    Success Stories



    The girls we support at the REACH Institute have grown up to become strong and successful leaders in their communities and families. We are so proud of our girls who have done nothing but reach for the stars at our institute and beyond.

    Explore REACH Institute’s top students and read some of our alumni stories to see where they are today, and how your donations and sponsorships have helped shape the lives of these girls for the better.


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    Proud Supporters of

    Mission Smile

    We support the doctors who provide life-changing surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. 

    Project Shine
    (Uganda, East Africa)

    We support their youth development programs that create nurturing spaces for children and families to escape from poverty, feel joy, and thrive.

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