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A day in the life of a student at the REACH Hostel

A Typical Day at the REACH Institute

At the REACH Institute, our girls have a busy but fulfilling daily schedule throughout the academic year.

At the REACH Institute:

5:30AM: Their day at REACH Institute begins early in the morning with prayers.

  • The children then get ready for school and come downstairs to the dining hall for breakfast.
  • After breakfast  they pick up their tiffin boxes, board the bus and head to school.

School Start Times for Different Grades: The children have a full day in their schools with different start and pick up times to bring them back to the REACH Institute.

  • Anjuman School:
    • Classes begin at 7:30AM
    • REACH bus driver picks up students around 12:15PM
  • Nirmala Convent School:
    • Classes begin at 8:00AM
    • REACH bus driver picks up students around 2:00PM
  • Vidyankur School: for 11th and 12th graders
    • Classes begin at 8:50AM
    • REACH bus driver picks up students around 3:30PM

Return to REACH Institute: Once the girls come back to Campus, they go up to their dorms, freshen up and come downstairs for their lunch. After lunch everyone takes a nap.

4:00PM: The girls come downstairs for a snack, and they attend their tuition classes. (Remedial classes to help them with all their subjects). On staff we have nine tuition teachers who help the girls with all their subjects like Math, English, Hindi, Marathi, Social studies, and Science until 6:30 pm.

After their tuition classes the girls can visit the library to check out books, go to the computer lab  or go upstairs and relax. The library and the computer lab are also open on the weekends.

7:30PM: The girls say their prayers and come down for dinner. After dinner, the girls have time to study, read or chat with their friends.

10:30PM: All lights are turned off.

Only On Weekends!

On the weekends, the girls wake up around 8:00 am and come down for breakfast around 9:00 am. After breakfast they play, relax, and complete their assignments. In the afternoon they go for extracurricular activities, sometimes activities are organized on the campus for them. The girls watch movies at night after dinner. During the various festivals, the girls organize events and dances and have an enjoyable time celebrating.


REACH partners with several schools as part of their academic programming. 

Nirmala Convent School Kharadi Pune

Anjuman Peermohammed English Medium School

Father Agnel Vidyankur Junior College

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