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Opportunities to Sponsor Meals, Medical Care and Enrichment

At the REACH Institute by the Visram Foundation, you have the opportunity to change the lives of all students by donating resources to their education, experience and livelihoods. REACH is entirely run by donations and sponsorships, and we procure the best of educators, medical care and environments for our girls. Your donation will go a long way in changing the lives of everyone involved in REACH.

You may use the links below to donate to specific resources, or if you prefer, you can download the PDF form here and send to Munnie at for processing.

Sponsoring Nutrition for 71 Children

Nutrition is something that we take very seriously at REACH. A good education is only effective if the student is nourished and in good health. Help our girls by funding our meals for a duration of your choice.

All funds are presented in USD – you may convert between INR and CAD on the donation page.

Daily Meals

USD $125 Per Day

Monthly Meals

USD $3,750 Per Month

Sponsoring Medical Care for 71 Children

Medical and dental care are essential for a healthy child. You have the option of providing support for professional healthcare fees, medical supplies and medication, or corrective eye care.

All funds are presented in USD – you may convert between INR and CAD on the donation page.

Medical & Dental Care

USD $4,050 Per Year

Medicine & Supplies

USD $1,100

Corrective Eye Care

USD $1,100

Sponsoring Enrichment & Resources

Our students at REACH Institute are not just there to receive an education – they are there to grow as leaders and build their personalities within a supportive community. The resources we provide them include comfortable environments (lodging resources like bed linens), a sense of belonging (school uniforms), access to educational resources (library books), tutoring for academic advancement, extra-curricular activities and more. Support one of our funds to help our students grow and become the leaders of tomorrow.

All funds are presented in USD – you may convert between INR and CAD on the donation page.


USD $725

Salary for 6 Tutors

USD $1,100 Per Month

Library Books

USD $725


USD $1,450

Bed Linens

USD $725

University Tuition

USD $2,150 Per Year Per Child

Allocation of Funds

Estimated Budget for 2022-2023 Academic Year

DescriptionCost / Month – INRAnnualized – INRAnnualized – USD
School Fees₹1,03,671₹12,44,049$15,017
Staff Salaries₹203,000₹24,36,000$29,406
Teachers’ Salaries₹71,637₹804,007$9,706
Groceries & Provisions₹111,000₹1,221,000$14,739
Books and Computer Expense₹14,100₹169,200$2,042
Repairs and Maintenance₹39,800₹447,600$5,403
Printing and Stationery₹3,000₹36,000$435
Medical Insurance – Staff & Students₹12,000₹144,000$1,738
Medical Expenses₹9,000₹108,000$1,304
Municipal Tax₹3,600₹43,200$521
Misc Expenses₹7,500₹90,000$1,086
Number of Children = 71; Cost per Child₹9,600₹111,808$1,350