All contributions to the Visram Foundation are used by the Visram Foundation to further its charitable purposes and objectives. Contributions for a particular activity will be used for that activity, but in the rare event that unforeseen problems prevent carrying out a project as planned, the contributions for that project will be used to benefit the children. If more funds are received than are necessary to fund a project as planned, the excess funds will be used to benefit the children. Further written information concerning this or other Visram Foundation programs is available upon request. Address your questions to: Munnie Nauranga at munnie@visramfoundation.com

Our financial report, which contains information about the percentage of charitable contributions expended by this organization on program services, administration and securing financial support, is readily available upon request.
For a copy by mail, write to: The Visram Foundation, 55 King Street West, Suite 801, Kitchener, ON, Canada N2G 4W1.

Alvida Panjwani

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