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"REACH – Empowering Girls Through Education" is a project of Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation, India. Reach is set up in Pune, India and operates an all girls Institute. Reach provides underprivileged children (from different parts of India) in Pune with housing, education, food and health and requirements related therein. The Visram Foundation has its own Board of Trustees, as it is registered in India and operates pursuant to the objectives as established by the Foundation.

In 2004 the Visram Foundation acquired a building in Pune, India to run the girls' Institute. By acquiring this building, initial renovations were required and funds have been spent for water softener systems, solar light energy systems as well as certain other renovations of the exterior and the interior of the building. In the year 2011, once again, a complete re-haul of the building was done to make sure that certain life safety issues were prioritized, new bathrooms for the children, new amenities and facilities were provided as well as complete renovation of the eating and dining hall facilities was undertaken. Interior renovations include a freshly painted room with new computer systems. It is our objective to constantly and consistently keep the building and its amenities up to standards, inclusive of buses, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

The Visram Foundation's efforts has been to run this building in a most efficient and modern way in which it will give us an edge over the other conventional types of boarding institutes. This objective, combined with professional level management and Trustees sets our priorities on a regular basis.

We are committed to consistently renovating this building and the ground it sits on. Therefore, we believe that with your assistance, we can exceed if not leap the minimum requirements of a sound and successful future for the children that we will so cherish and see grow in order to provide the life that they will, one day, be proud to be a part of. We ensure that our girls go to the best English medium schools,. to name a few - Stella Maris Convent, St. Francis DeSales Convent, Vidyakur, City International School and Pune International School. The schools mentioned herein are all private schools and English is the primary language, which is a cutting edge advantage to the languages available in the towns and cities where these children come from.

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