About The Visram Foundation

Formed in Canada in the year 2000 as The Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation, the Foundation's underlying motivation and spiritual strength is derived from the life of Sherali Fazal Visram who exemplified that the greatest of all human achievements are to be found in the simple yet all powerful acts of common men and women who lead their lives with grace, wisdom and a deep spiritual and emotional commitment to human compassion.

To advance the thirst of knowledge and education, it was only upon the sudden demise of Sherali Fazal Visram that his family found out that in both poverty and prosperity, he had been sending a small amount of money to a small organization in India so that poor and hungry children could be fed and educated. Subsequently, Malekkhanu (the wife of Sherali Fazal Visram) suddenly passed away. Therefore the name was changed to: "The Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation"... in 2003 by their children in honour of both their parents. The Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation will sometimes be referred to as the "Visram Foundation".

Their family seeks to continue such selfless giving in memory of their parents through this Foundation, and has undertaken to continue to financially support the efforts of "REACH", through its own fund raising activities, although it is the vision of the Foundation to open additional facilites, with time and financial resources permitting. The Foundation has been registered as a non-profit organization in the United States and in Canada. In 2003, The Visram family registered the Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram Memorial Foundation in India, as a public charitable trust under Mumbai Public Trust Act (Reg. No. E-21443). All donors will be issued with a charitable donation receipt when the donations are made in the United States ,Canada or India.

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